Following a kick off meeting in 2007 with the partners it was decided to concentrate initiatives in the four following areas:

The Value of Mail
Promote a positive image of the industry

Mail volumes and written communication are essential for their distributors, the postal operators. Moreover, the value of mail and written communication to all users is very high:

98% of recipients look at mail every day, 90% pick it up as they come home. On average a family has 30 “mail moment” minutes per day. 87% of consumers keep their mail, and use it as a visual reminder. As a medium, written communications are a trusted source.

As a sender mail and written media contribute to building relationships, therefore improving repurchasing as well as total spend per contact. Essential to achieve returns are address quality, cross border standardisation, and convergence between mail and electronic forms of communication.

For suppliers higher mail volumes mean more services, products and supplies to be produced.

All parties have a vested interested in promoting a thriving mail and written communications sector.